What Types of Trade Schools Are There? A Comprehensive Guide

Learn about different types of trade schools such as rotary drill operator schools, cardiovascular technician schools, commercial diver schools, home inspector schools, boilermaker schools, electrician schools, dental hygienist schools and more.

What Types of Trade Schools Are There? A Comprehensive Guide

Students can choose to enroll in a trade school, also known as a vocational school, right after high school or after gaining some work experience. Trade schools can be independent institutions or be located within a community college. If you're looking for a career in the oil and gas industry, you may want to consider becoming a rotary drill operator. This job involves taking the engineer's plans and putting them into practice to recover natural oil and gas resources.

If you're interested in the medical field but don't want to become a nurse or doctor, you may want to consider becoming a cardiovascular technician. These professionals work with doctors to diagnose heart and vascular problems and can find jobs in general medical centers, hospitals, diagnostic centers, specialized centers, and doctors' offices. If you're looking for a career that involves working in the water, you may want to consider becoming a commercial diver. This job involves inspecting, repairing, and constructing various structures underwater with diving equipment.

Home inspectors are responsible for performing comprehensive evaluations of buildings such as new or existing homes, businesses, commercial spaces, condominiums, apartments, and more. They must have knowledge of plumbing, electrical, structural foundations, heating and cooling systems, and more in order to ensure that the building complies with the code and zoning regulations. Boilermakers are responsible for manufacturing, assembling, installing, maintaining and repairing boilers, tanks, closed vats or other large containers through which liquid or gas can pass. This job requires manual work and possible trips to worksites.

Electricians are responsible for installing and testing electrical equipment as well as repairing or replacing wiring and accessories. Dental hygienists are responsible for cleaning teeth and providing preventive dental care. Employment growth is expected to be around 6%, making it a lucrative job with good growth prospects. Business school is one of the longest courses available, consisting of 4 semesters for a total of 2 years.

However, if you're looking for a medical profession that doesn't require 10 years of study before entering the field, you may want to consider becoming a dental hygienist. If college isn't an option for you but you still want to learn a specific skill in a relatively short period of time, trade schools can help you achieve that goal. Depending on the trade you choose to pursue, you may need only a high school diploma or specialized training from an FAA-recognized aviation maintenance school or professional HVAC school. In some cases, trade schools offer free courses so workers can acquire skills while studying.

Trade schools can also be beneficial if you don't want to limit yourself to a 4-year program with all the associated costs. Accrediting agencies usually provide an up-to-date list of schools with properly recognized online commerce programs. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics provides information on which trade school degrees will generate the highest paying jobs. Additionally, attending computer school can provide practical training and experience that will prepare students for the real work environment.

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